The Ultimate F150 Super Fan Guide

A Good Investment

A question that many potential truck buyers ask themselves is whether their truck will hold its value upon resale. Let us take the Ford F150 truck for example. Ford has been making quality trucks for a very long time and according to the Kelley Blue Book, a truck will hold its value better than an automobile.

The Ford F150 was named the overall best buy of any vehicle in the US for the year 2015. This alone should make any purchaser of this well-known vehicle confident that they will be able to resell it at a high value.


Are you the owner of a ford F150? Would you like to see your truck run faster? Well the good news is that you can rev up your Ford truck for pure performance and power. There is performance chips under your hood that will provide you with hidden energy, speed, and performance.

You can force-feed your motor huge gulps of fresh power producing air. This can be done by simply lifting the factory stranglehold. This will allow your air intake system to deliver a shot of straight oxygen to your combustion chamber. This will provide an immediate boost in torque, horsepower, and drivability.

A Loud Ford F150 Truck

Is it possible to make my Ford 150 truck louder than it is? This is a question that many Ford truck owners are wondering because the standard truck comes with a superb muffler system that eliminates virtually all noise. In the old days it was simply a matter of drilling a few holes into your muffler to produce a mean, muffler sound.

Though some your neighbors may not have appreciated you doing this, it sure sounded good. Today, we see that there are many monster muffler systems available that are easy to install and sound terrific.

Ford F150 Towing Capacity

Have you ever wondered how much a Ford F150 can tow? The simple answer to that question is it depends on which Ford vehicle and chassis you own. Ford makes a variety of trucks that each have their own specific towing capacity. Therefore, you will need to talk to a Ford representative and ask him specifics about your needs and towing requirements.

One thing that you can be assured about is that Ford has been making quality trucks for years. These quality trucks have towed every type of load and Ford continues to improve in this area.

Ford F150 Weight Ratings

Have you ever wondered what are the Ford F150 weight ratings? People to buy pickup trucks often do so so that they haul weight loads and tow trailers, machinery, and other specialty vehicles. However, is often confusing to know which truck to purchase in regards to how much weight it can haul.

This is a very important thing to know because if you accidentally overload your truck it can lead to serious damage and potentially dangerous situations not only for you but for other drivers. There are a few things to consider before purchasing a truck such as curb weight, cargo weight, gross vehicle weight, and tongue weight.