Tonneau Covers

In the automotive industry, tonneau refers to the parts of a vehicle that are bare at the top. It does not matter if this is a cargo bay or a passenger area. Its presence is usually a matter of practicality. Open spaces make it possible to hold more goods than an enclosed spaces since there is no limit on the vertical stack. It is thus possible to put tall item or individuals in a snap. However, being this exposed also has its drawbacks. The tonneau may be covered if the need arises and opened again if desired.

What is a Tonneau cover made from?

The cover can either be hard or soft. Hard shells are often made out of metal, fibre glass, or high-grade plastic. For example, convertibles can have a have metal shell composed of multiple sections that are held together by metal hinges. The metal shell is often made by metal fabrication.

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The push of a button will cause the hinges to open the top so that the car occupants can enjoy the fresh air. As for pickup trucks, a soft cover may be placed on top of the cargo bay to secure and hide the contents. This will also protect goods from the sun and rain. The cover can be rolled up when not needed.

What are the benefits of Tonneau covers?

1. Protection from the Elements

It is advisable to have a covering for the tonneau if only to shield this section from the elements. The weather can be harsh and prolonged exposure may lead to damage. Perishable goods can spoil more quickly if it is allowed to bake under the sun. Lightweight items may get blown off a truck if there is no cover to hold it down. Sudden rain can soak boxes and other porous pieces. Corrosion and interior flooding can occur. Even the people who own convertibles know that a little of exposure can be fun but too much can may be detrimental.

2. Additional Security Measure

Sometimes trucks do not come with a tonneau cover so owners have to purchase one later on from the manufacturer or from the third party. It is also possible to have one made from a metal fabrication shop. This last option provides the opportunity for owners to design a piece that is perfect for their needs. This type of effort is worth it considering the ability of the covering to secure the goods inside the truck. Thieves will not be able to access the items that easily so there can be greater confidence in successful deliveries.

3. Concealment from the Public Eye

Another reason for installing a cover is the concealment of goods, personal belongings, and car passengers. Sometimes you just don't want things to be seen by others while you drive along the roads. You may be carrying sensitive materials, high value items, of simply things that can look awkward in public. Once covered, you can concentrate on the driving instead of having to be conscious of the stares as you pass people by. Just make sure that the cover is suitable for the application and you should be good to go.